Shane Bearly

Shane has been an avid adventurist from the beginning, always seeking more knowledge about his passions which have been leading him to a more independent and self-reliant lifestyle in today's complex world. He now strives to help teach what he has learned to individuals who strive for these same life principles. With many years of training in the various fields of survival and firearms instruction, he hopes that coupled with a team of passionate instructors, they will be able to offer an unmatched introductory curriculum within the firearms and basic human survival needs areas of self-reliance. The end goal - to entice and energize the student to continue exploring and learning on their own, eventually finding the freedom that comes with a more self-reliant lifestyle.

Brian Bowers

A lover of anything outdoors, Brian is always seeking new adventures whether in the mountains, rivers, beaches or deserts. He was hunting by the age of 6 and continues to this day, also taking his love of firearms and this country to serve 6 years in the Marine Corps, completing 1 tour in Iraq. Since 2010, Brian has been honing his tactical firearms skills learning from the top industry trainers. His love and respect for nature and basic survival is a passion he hopes to pass on to like-minded individuals and others excited to learn.

Pat Garcia

A ten-year veteran of the United States Marine Corps with two combat tours in Iraq, Pat�s career training includes a wide range of firearms instruction and disciplines. After the Marine Corps, Patrick continued as a firearms instructor with several companies most notably Magpul Dynamics. As a private instructor, he has trained thousands of students from civilians to law enforcement agencies all over the US. Patrick takes pride in having trained countless Marines and U.S Army soldiers at Ft Bliss TX as part of their work up package for Afghanistan. When he was younger Patrick was a member of his local youth shooting club where he participated in indoor and outdoor small bore shooting competitions and as a teenager moved up to large bore open site silhouette competitions at the NRA Whittington center, using the M-1 Garand. Recently he has participated in IDPA, IPSC and 3-Gun matches.

Dennis Carrillo

Shooting and hunting at the age of 9, Dennis has been involved in outdoor activity his entire life. He grew up most of his young adult life in Southern Utah where he was able to hunt, trap and fish year around while learning to work within mother nature�s extremes. He has been a certified swimming and ski instructor and also currently coaches youth sports. Dennis holds various NRA instructor certifications and has had hundreds of hours of instruction in various disciplines of shooting and survival. Dennis is passionate about teaching what he has learned and has a way of connecting with the student that puts the tension and stress of learning a new skill at ease.